2019 Duotone Jaime Textreme Kiteboard


$1,369.95 CAD

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2019 Duotone Jaime Textreme

Performance Freeride

The Select Textreme delivers a superlative ride thanks to its unique combination of weight, comfort and speed. It simply defines high performance freeride.


New space flex technology, to save weight, gain comfort and performance.


The full carbon construction is extremely lightweight which makes it easier to maneuver in the air during your hooked or unhooked tricks.


Due to the textreme carbom construction a board has an amazing upwind ability. The board feels smoother than traditional boards and it is easier to release the board for loaded jumps.


The soft flex guarantees a comfortable ride in all conditions.


The biax carbon ensures a dynamic ride and an incredible pop.


Grab rails for easier board off maneuvers and comfortable general handling.

2019 Duotone Jaime Twintip Kiteboarding Characteristics

When it comes to freeriding performance, there is one board to rule them all, the Select Textreme! This year the brand new Space Flex Technology makes it lighter yet even more comfortable. Designed to be the fastest most exhilarating twin tip on the market, its secret starts with the unique construction technology. Textreme Carbon and Biax Carbon weaves are combined to create an exceedingly light board. Not only that, the materials offer a dynamic flex that is soft for comfort but also provides plenty of energy and pop, this combined with the Space Flex Technology makes it the best ride you ever had.

Many riders say it’s the most responsive board they have ever ridden, once you’ve tried it; you won’t want to ride anything else. If you want the fastest, lightest most progressive freeride board around, look no further than the impressive Select Textreme.