2018 North Kiteboarding Click Bar


$774.95 CAD

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2018 North Click Bar

The best kite control system in the industry just got better! Last year the Click Bar revolutionised how we control our kites, this year it’s on a whole other level!

  • There are now three different chicken loop options (see below) available offering maximum performance and customisation
  • The floaters have been upgraded with integrated rubber patches, and improved visibility
  • There is a new V distributor, which is even easier to use
  • The incredible Trim Unit makes a return, allowing you to depower your kite at the flick of a switch

It is this impressive piece of technology that allows you to trim your kite as you ride. No longer will you lose an edge, you won't need to change your body position; you can even tune the power while you perform a bottom turn!

The new Iron Heart V, unique to the Click Bar, offers unrivalled security with a front line safety system, providing total depower.

Lastly, your front lines will never get tangled again.

The Click Bar is the ultimate tool to fly your kite; once you've tried it, you won’t want to use anything else!

    Chicken Loop Options

    FreeRide Kit

    The Freeride Kit comprises of the smallest chicken loop combined with a short leash. This kit is the first choice for freeriders which are not unhooking. The short chicken loop maximizes the depower range, whilst the shorter safety leash is tangle-free.

    FreeStyle Kit

     The Freestyle Kit comes with a large chicken loop and a long leash. This setup is ideal for unhooked freestyle and wakestyle riding. Easy to hook back in following unhooked tricks, the long neoprene covered leash gives maximum freedom to move, comfort and prevents injuries.

    Rope Harness Kit

     The Rope Harness Kit presents a small chicken loop with a metal plate and a short leash, which can ONLY be used with a rope harness. You must not use this loop on a standard harness hook. The short chicken loop ensures maximum range of depower and it’s non-abrasive quality, means a longer lasting harness rope and loop. A short tangle-fee safety leash provides confidence and comfort. It’s designed without any disturbing chicken dig.