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Armstrong 1550 V1 A+ Foil Wing

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1550 V1 A+

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The 1550 V1 is an amazing carving wing, stable, responsive, with great glide, making it the choice for flowing turns or shredding waves!

It was impossible to let our most loved foil wing go, so we slid it across the range to replace the CF 1600. The V1 1550 as its now known is the original HS1550 design, a wing that has gained an impressive reputation across a wide range of riders since introduced over a year ago. We have now released the HS1550 V2 foil wing but the V1 1550 still has so much to offer progressing riders so we didn’t shelve it!

As development and our vision progress, it’s become apparent to us that more speed and performance is not required by everyone. For this reason, the V1 1550 lives on! It offers forgiving, accessible all-round performance, rippers and new riders can take the V1 1550 and have wicked shredding sessions.

It’s blessed with smooth progressive pitch characteristics, especially at lower speeds, which makes it easy to ride and inspires confidence. It handles well and is epic for carving short radius turns. It has plenty of speed range and is forgiving at both ends of the range, it gets on the fly easily and if you max out the speed it does not lift spike and buck you off!

There are good reasons the 1550 has been our most popular foil, so we are stoked to keep it alive and kicking as the V1 1550 ...


  • Construction is based around a high-density foam core, which is wrapped with 100% IM and High Modulus Carbon.
  • The main wings are shaped and refined for maximum stability and predictability at all speeds
  • The foil sections have been carefully designed by one of the world’s foremost sport wing designers.


Wing area: 1548cm2 (239 in2)
Wingspan: 800mm
Weight: 1200g

*Comes complete with screws and protective cover.