Ocean Rodeo Roam 7m

or as low as 12 X $ 84900 with

Ocean Rodeo Roam Gen 2


Though the Roam is marketed as a "wave" kite, the characteristics of wave kites generally mean they are also perfect kites for beginners!

Built with a tight, 3 strut frame and big lifting wingtips the Roam is a dedicated Wave kite that drifts down the line while maintaining positive steering with tight, pivot turns for ultra fast changes of direction. The thick LE tube with powerful wing tips, provides session saving rapid water relaunch. The kite’s intuitive feel and ultra short bridle ensure zero complications when at sea. Built tough with proven materials and manufacturing techniques honed since 2002, Like all our kites the Roam features high flow valves with a single point inflation / deflation system. The Roam is compatible with front line re-ride control bars.


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